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How We Got Here

(As told by Kim)

In March 2020, I was in a major car accident. A commercial pick up truck rear-ended me traveling 60 mph while I was stopped at a stop sign, totaling my Nissan Juke and leaving me with some back and neck injuries.

This was actually the second Juke that I had totaled! This time Jeremy told me, that's it, you are getting a bigger vehicle. I had always had my eye on a Jeep Wrangler, but had always made a more practical choice in vehicles. This time J told me to get whatever I wanted, so we set out to test drive a few Jeep's.

I drove Bella first and fell in love!! She came home with us the same day. She was intended to be a pavement princess, and I had never actually driven a 4-wheel drive before so I was good with that. 

Jeremy started talking about overlanding and I thought it was an odd concept to go places and sleep in your vehicle? Who would ever do that?

After convincing me to check out a couple of YouTube channels of overlanders, I thought hey, let's give a try. Our first trip was to the Pisgah National Forest in western North Carolina. We actually did not sleep in the Jeep on that trip. We had pop up hammocks and slept naked under the stars while an eastern whippoorwill squawked all through the night and the super bright full moon moved across the dark sky like a fiery ball of light! Despite all of that "beauty", we were hooked!! 

We set out to plan even more off-road adventures and charged my dad with building a custom sleeping platform inside the Jeep. 

We started the YouTube channel as a way to catalog our adventures and memories. You see, we know we will not be able to do this forever and we want to be able to look back and see all of the great things we have experienced. And if you are a Jeep owner, you understand when I say that Bella is never truly "finished", so we also share some of the gear, upgrades, and modifications that we make along the way.

We hope you enjoy our website and that you will jump over to our YouTube channel and leave us a comment or two on some of the videos that you enjoy.

Thanks for being here and until we meet again ~ "Peace Out!"

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