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GEAR WE USE: SunPie Roll Bar Storage Bags

When we started overlanding in Bella, we knew we needed to find a way to have as few "moving parts" as possible inside the Jeep. If you do not already know, (and as of this writing), we sleep on a custom built platform inside the Jeep.

Since we sleep inside the Jeep we needed to find a way to store our clothes. We started out with each of us having our own bag that was moved from the backseat to the front seats while we slept. While it worked, it was a pain and alot of moving back and forth.

We picked up these "saddlebags" as I like to call them from Amazon. They were super easy to install and fit nicely on the rear roll bar. What I was most impressed with was the amount of room inside these bags! You all know Jeremy is a big guy, so he has big clothes. We took a trip in the Winter to the Alleghany Mountains so we needed to pack five days of clothes, layers, and extras as alot of rain was in the forecast. Surprisingly, it all fit!

They also work really well to hold things like drink bottles, flashlights, phones and any other quick grab items we may need while we are sleeping.

You can pick up a set for yourself on Amazon. (You do not pay anymore by using our Amazon Affiliate links, but we do make a small commission which supports our adventures and the page.)

You can check out the full install and review here on YouTube.

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