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GEAR WE USE: rucRak, Inc

If you own a Jeep Wrangler you know that space is a commodity! The adventure vehicle does allow you the opportunity to go most anywhere, but lack of storage does require a bit of creativity.

In November 2020, Jason Morgan of rucRak reached out to us as we were planning to head out on our trip to the Alleghany Mountains with Spartan Overland. He had just released the rucRak that Summer and he wanted to get one on Bella so that we could put it through the trenches (trails, rocks, mud, rivers....).

I have to admit, when Jeremy told me about it, I was not very excited about the rucRak. Adding a rack to my already oversized tire attached to my already heavy tailgate was not something I was looking forward to. In my mind it was going to be in the way and make it difficult to get in and out of the trunk space of Bella.

Ya'll, I was so very very wrong!!

First of all the rucRak is very light!! Light-weight all aluminum, weighing in at about 27 pounds.

Next, it is so much more than just a cargo rack.

Yes, as you can see in the pictures, it has a compact cargo carrier basket that can haul, well, pretty much anything. We have used it for coolers, potting soil, wood, but most of the time it carries our kitchen tote/box and water supply.

When not being used as a cargo carrier, with a quick pull of a couple of pins, it flips over to carry two adult sized bikes.

But the most fun part about the rucRak, is the tailgate table! It stows away easily while traveling, but once you get to your adventurous destination, it folds down for all of your food, beverage and catch all needs. It even has four cup holders that were cut for the most popular cup of all time, the red solo cup.

The rucRak is attached to your tire carrier with specialty lugs so it does not put undue stress on your tailgate. If you are carrying heavier loads, you can insert the uniquely designed load handler into your 2" hitch receiver to provide it with more support. They also have accessories such as flag pole holders, umbrella holders, bottle openers, and provisions to attach various tools and RotoPax.

Our rucRak has easily been one of our favorite mods to Bella and has eliminated our storage struggle while overlanding.

We love them so much, we have partnered with them to give you $50 off your own rucRak Bundle! Use code DOWNSOUTH and they will take care of you! Visit their website to learn more

rucRak Review on YouTube

NOTE: rucRak can actually work on more than just Jeep Wranglers! You do not have to have a tire carrier to have a rucRak. Pick-up trucks, SUV's, RV's, camper trailers, side by sides, and even golf carts have been fitted for a rucRak. Visit their website to learn more about it.

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