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GEAR WE USE: Blackstone 17" Tabletop Griddle

I LOVE to talk about this set up!!

When we started out on our overlanding adventures, I wanted to be "different". You see everyone on social media and on YouTube was using the traditional Coleman two-burner stove. (We actually cooked directly over an open fire our first two trips out in the wilderness.)

Yes, it is light weight, somewhat compact, and a decently priced cooking option. However, I loved the taste of food on an actual cooktop and I did not want to haul around pots and pans since space was a commodity with us living directly out of the Jeep.

This was Spring 2020 and if you can happen to remember that time, the Earth was in a mess and everyone was being charged with staying away from each other. In what appeared to be everyone's effort to keep their sanity, a lot of people retreated to camping, overlanding, and many outdoor activities. This made outdoor gear hard to come by.

I had searched for this griddle all over online without much success. Although, I did not have much faith in our local stores as they were having a hard time getting their hands on supplies as well, I reached out to our local hardware store to see if they even carried Blackstone. The ole' timer that answered the phone said to me, "honey, I carry Blackstone, but all I have left are a couple of those little 17" griddles". WHAT!!??? Are you kidding me!! That is exactly what I am looking for !!

I told him I was on my way and would be there in 10 minutes. That my friends is how the Blackstone came to be the official centerpiece of our overlanding kitchen set up.

This particular model only has one heating element which can make it a challenge when I am cooking pancakes and bacon, but has worked well for all other applications. The only pan I have added to my kitchen box is a pot to boil water or make mac-n-cheese. I love the flavor that the Blackstone offers up to all foods even veggies. I have also picked up a cover and carrying case which helps me store it away nicely.

We actually have two reviews up on YouTube, the initial first use as well as a 1 year later review. Blackstone no longer offers this exact model, but they do have an Adventure Series 17". We have a friend that has the newer model and I do like it better as the grease catcher tray is located in the back and overall just works better.

I am including the links below for the YouTube reviews as well as our Amazon Affiliate link for the newer model Blackstone. (You do not pay anymore by using our Amazon links, but we do make a small commission which supports our adventures and the page)

Thanks for dropping by and checking us out! Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below.


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